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Brandy Byers

An innovative school leader with over 20 years experience, I am passionate about professional learning.

A New Priority for Educational Systems

Creating Systems That Value Teacher-Student Relationships When I read Kevin Eikenberry's post: 7 Ways to Nurture Professional Relationships for The Beauty Between Us, his point about making relationships a priority completely resonated with me. In fact, it stayed with me... Continue Reading →

September Side Note: Bullet Journaling for Educators

I fell in love with Bullet Journaling about 4 years ago, while I was a Principal of a large suburban middle school. Ryder Carroll, the creator of the Bullet Journal method, designed this method to "declutter your mind, cultivate your curiosity, and remain focused." With Bullet Journaling, you start by making a list of what... Continue Reading →

The Beauty Between Us

7 'Back-Pocket Strategies' to Overcome Relationship Barriers with Students The student who won't turn their camera on. The one who rolls their eyes during office hour. The student who avoids submitting any work whatsoever. The one who continues to play video games on another screen when attending a Zoom/Google Meets/ Microsoft Teams class. When it... Continue Reading →

Bringing our Humanity to Distance Learning

Bringing our Humanity to Distance Learning: 4 Steps to Connecting with Kids in Distance Learning

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